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New York City artist Larry Camp is a recent transplant to Palm Springs, California after spending the past 40 years living and working in Manhattan.

Born in Indiana, Larry showed great promise as a young artist and was awarded The Walcot Award, a scholarship from The John Herron Art Institute of Indianapolis, to study and travel in Europe. He attended The Blocher School of Art in Munich, Germany.

Larry received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale in 1967.

His career includes being a professor at the University of California-Davis, Louisiana State at Baton Rouge and Ohio State University. In 1978 with a Ford Grant awarded by Ohio State University Larry moved to NYC to live and paint for the following two years. Having made Manhattan his new home, Larry resigned from OSU in 1980 and began teaching at the esteemed Parsons School of Art.

While teaching in New York Larry expanded his body of work and became a master in the art of sculpture and object restoration. Being one of few to refine those skills he was sought after by a prestigious list of clients including David Copperfield, Dustin Hoffman, Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses and many, many more.

Exhibits include the Whitney Biannual in New York, 1974. Numerous shows and galleries from New York to New Orleans, The Johnson Gallery in Jacksonville, Florida and other various places throughout the United States.

Larry’s paintings are abstract in nature with recognizable objects.

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